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Butterbean Cafe Cupcake Creator

Butterbean’s Café: Cupcake Creator is a cooking game based on the Butterbean’s Café animated TV series. Help Butterbean run her magical café and learn to make delicious cupcakes. Welcome all and all, back to the Butterbean’s Cafe Games category, a new category of Nick Jr Games from our website, one that we have created not too long ago, and where we are very happy that right now we get to bring you yet another game, a new game that you can currently find only on our website, so here you go, another reason why our website should be everyone’s go-to place for the best new games on the internet! Together with Butterbean, you will be able to create, or rather, cook some cupcakes, which she usually sells at her cafe. Let’s see how it’s done, so you can start having fun right here and now! Clients will come to request a certain type of cupcake, and you will have to create it accordingly. You will select the color of the cream, and then with the mouse, apply it, then you will also select the cup where the cake is put in, as well as decorate it in an interesting way. That’s it, so start right now, only here, and make sure not to stop, since we’re here for you with other great games today, and missing those would be missing out on even more fun you could have!

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